How We Are Funded

We are funded through four main sources of income that help sustain the organisation and its activities.

1. Partnership Business Funding - This makes up about 50% of our annual income. We have 4 business partners whom have vowed to take responsibility to cover the cost of running and maintaining the organisation and funding a number of positions in our offices in Leicester. These businesses play a vital role in allowing us to run the organisation effectively and efficiently. Combined, the organisation generates about £20,000 from these businesses to support our running costs.

2. Local Business Sponsorships - Local business sponsorships make up about 20% of our income helping fund some of the actual groundwork that we do on a day to day basis in each area. This helps with the maintenance of existing equipment and purchasing new equipment as well as running the projects on a day to day basis.

3. Corporate Funding & Grants - Occasionally the organisation will receive funding from large corporate companies and local / national government grants. The ethical policies of the organisation state that the organisation can only take funding from sources where the benefit to the community is greater than the benefit of the funder. Furthermore, the organisation explicitly declines all funding from unethical sources including cigarette and tobacco firms, alcohol related companies, anything relating to gambling and addiction and finally, no money is to be accepted from the government Prevent Agenda or similar funds. Be Inspiring is an organisation which is solely for the benefit of the community and the youth and does not associate itself with any external agendas.

It is difficult to account for the total amount of income which have been received through Corporate Funding and Grants as this varies from year to year, however, on average this accounts for about 15% of our income.

4. Community Fundraising Events and Donations - Although the organisation has a policy against actively seeking donations from the communities we work in, often our supporters will approach us directly to support our organisation. With the amount of support we have through the local community, this currently accounts for about 10% of our annual income.

5. Other Sources - The community campaigns we run including Cakes4BeInspiring, Donuts Bonanza, Eat-All-You-Can challenge, Football Tournaments etc all account for the final 5% of the income which is received by the organisation.

In order to keep running costs low and make significant savings, the organisation has an internal design and marketing department as well as an accounts and finance allowing facillitate all the work we have in-house using the resources we already have. The organisation also shares vast amounts of resources and manpower from its partnering businesses to help minimise expenses where possible.


Upcoming Sessions / Events

Fri Jul 20 @ 1:00PM - 03:00PM
Sat Jul 21 @ 1:00PM - 03:00PM
Football Fever - Open Football Sessions

We tick the boxes!

  • Qualified youth workers
  • Pioneers in Peer mentoring
  • Operating at a professional level
  • Main focus is youth development
  • Providing weekly activities
  • Supporting long term development
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