The Difference We Make

Everyday we help hundreds of young people so create and develop a strong identity, build their confidence and self esteem and become the best that they could possibly become and boosting their self belief.

Muhammad's Story

Muhammad was a young boy who suffered throughout his primary school and early secondary school education because of bullying. He was a young person that was very easily distracted by others around him and suffered from a condition called ADHD. ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a condition relating so hyperactivity and impulsiveness. He discovered one of our posters on the internet and got in to contact with our team telling us about how he thought the teachers didn't understand him and how other children used to make fun of him.

The ADHD condition Muhammad had, made him slightly different from the others. Even though he wanted to do well at school, other took advantage of him being so easily distracted and he was the one getting blamed for almost every issue in the classroom. Because of this, his stress levels became high and he displayed rebellious behaviour.

Simply put, Muhammad's condition was not really understood by his teachers and his peers took advantage of the situation by purposely creating trouble for him. This had a detrimental impact on his behaviour in school and at home.

We supported Muhammad by getting him more involved in physical activity including football and boxing allowing him to release the extra energy he had. He found that getting involved in physical activity helped him get his confidence back and take control of his condition.

Muhammad isn't alone.

There are thousands of young people out there that get bullied because they are different. Whether it may be a condition, illness, disabillity, ethnic background, religion or something else, Be Inspiring teaches young people to firstly discover who they are, and secondly, to be proud of who they are. It has a very strong psychological concept evolving around self belief and confidence.

The organisation specifically targets areas where poverty is high or areas where over 40% of the population is from ethnic minority backgrounds. 

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