The Organisation

What we do

Be Inspiring is a youth focused, youth driven organisation focusing on supporting young people through their physical, psychological and emotional development.

How we do it

We do this through peer mentoring, sporting activities, fun and informal education sessions, homework clubs and booster classes. The organisation is also known for the trips and residential it organises in the holidays.

Dubbed as a lifestyle, Be Inspiring is like no other, with a strong emphasis in youth development, since its launch in November 2010, Be Inspiring has become a sector leader in the field of youth work, running over 17 projects ranging from sports session, to classroom based educational activities and supports over 600 young people in Derby alone. It has become a household name, a recognised brand and a focal point for the community. Only a handful of organisations can boast record levels of achievement in a short span of time. Through the support of the young service users, parents and families, our amazing volunteers, the local community, business and larger enterprises, Be Inspiring has become part of that elite group.

The big question has always been what really makes Be Inspiring different from other youth organisations out there?

Be Inspiring has become the latest craze in the area of youth development, young people have been racing to get themselves enrolled on to some of the programmes the organisation has been running. Be Inspiring celebrates the achievements of young people and focuses on the positives of life. Not only that, the organisation also uses some very effective motivational techniques to help young people reach goals, whether it be at school, at home or even in their general day to day lives.

Be Inspiring aims to serve young people from all backgrounds, with a strong emphasis for those from deprived backgrounds & ethnic minorities to develop their skills such as confidence & self esteem, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and many others. Skills are delivered through classroom based learning, indoor & outdoor activity sessions, interactive workshops, fast-paced bootcamps, trips and residential as well as youth meetings and consultation days.

The organisation aims to:

• To reduce anti-social behaviour and crime from within our communities by promoting and encouraging respect and tolerance using various proven techniques and formulas

• To promote community cohesion and to provide a platform for young people to voice their opinions, be part of a cause, actively engage in worthwhile projects and be a service to their local community as well as becoming a role model for future generations

• To provide an opportunity to young people, especially those from deprived backgrounds or ethnic minorities to develop their skills, both academically and socially making them more employable in the future

Amazing youth support network

Sometimes young people just need someone to talk to, someone to share their problems with and someone to look up to. The environment that Be Inspiring creates for young people helps them to be more open about any issues they may have, whether its bullying at school, a weakness in a subject or problems at home. The organisation actively supports young people by pointing them in the right direction, helping and supporting them emotionally. This can’t be possible without having the groups and organisations around us.

Supporting fresh ideas in business

Be Inspiring has helped and supported some of the biggest names in youth start-ups and entrepreneurship through its diverse programmes combining the very basics of business, right through to advanced level marketing and design, allowing young people to streamline their ideas, becoming risk averse and moving ahead as pioneers in their industry.

Our programmes don’t define the value of becoming a ‘worker’ or a ‘staff member’, for us, it’s all about creating role models and leaders, taking them step by step through the whole tried and tested process, leaving no stones unturned, starting from solving a basic problem in to creating the business plan around the idea.

Since its launch in Derby in 2010, the organisation has spread across 8 cities providing access to youth activities and services for many young people.

Upcoming Sessions / Events

Wed Aug 22 @ 1:00PM - 03:00PM
Sat Aug 25 @ 1:00PM - 03:00PM
Football Fever - Open Football Sessions

Why Be Inspiring?

  • #YOUMATTER We focus on you as an individual helping boost your confidence and self esteem!
  • Qualified youth workers A fantastic team that is able to support and motivate you as needed.
  • Entreprenuers Get 100% tried and tested advice from experts who've 'been there and done that' in business!
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We tick the boxes!

  • Qualified youth workers
  • Pioneers in Peer mentoring
  • Operating at a professional level
  • Main focus is youth development
  • Providing weekly activities
  • Supporting long term development
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