Football Fever

Football is an amazing sport, in which for many years people have been involved in, now it seems like a phenomenon that we just can’t get away from (not that you’d want to, right?) But the greatest thing with football is that it’s a fun game, there’s a lot of strategy involved and it helps keep you fit and active. Hundreds of millions of people across the world watch is on TV or play with their friends either as part of a club or their local park. You could be part of them too, it’s time to grab some fresh boots, get hold of a kit and do your thing!

Be Inspiring Football Academy is set up to help young people develop the right skills and techniques and move forward in the world of football, getting noticed by the larger clubs, especially those from ethnic minority communities and difficult backgrounds, where they may otherwise not get the opportunity to do so. Unlike many clubs, we don’t just look for stars, we create stars. The training package focuses on tactical thinking, strategic planning, physical abilities, conditioning as well as technical play. We’ve also got the psychological aspects of the game covered too.

The academy does not only provide a step up the ladder for young people in football, but also helps them develop academic abilities outside of the sport too. Homework clubs and revision sessions all come as standard as well as our flagship Skill4Life programme. We want to secure our future as one of the leading community clubs investing in the development of young people, starting right from grassroots level, and reaching the top. The sky is the limit!

A lot of talented young people are put off football due to the level of difficulty getting in to clubs, however, we’ve just made it a step easier for you! Don’t worry, we don’t have no complicated forms, no tiring tests and no mental aristmatics. 

Future In Football

Once upon a time, professional clubs used to hold trials, talent days or open days to find their players. However, today it’s often a different story. Most of the young people that get noticed, are actually noticed on the pitch whilst playing games, or through the vast networks that clubs have in their catchment areas. Many professional clubs also have projects running in the community to find talent.

Our personal branding experts can help you learn the techniques and strategies that will help you get noticed both on and off the pitch.

Ok I’m sold, what do I do?

Wow that was quick, I’ve not even started the sales pitch just yet!

Enrolling in to the academy is just as simple as attending our open football sessions every week. From this you will be put into one of the teams that we have for your age group and develop you further in terms of your skills and playabillity. In progression we can offer you a education programme that will further enhance your abillities and develop your skills allowing you to become that star you always dreamt of.

Session Information

Football Fever sessions held every Saturday from 1pm to 3pm at Arboretum Park, Derby

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Football Fever - Open Football Sessions
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