The Skills4Life programme is a 38 week course

The course is currently split in to 3 levels, each with a different focus.

Level 1 – Grassroots (Aimed at school year 6 – 8)

The first part of the course is all about helping young people to broaden their horizons, think outside the box, and discover who they are. Many young people are fall in to the trap of not knowing exactly who they are, they have a confused identity, because of this their confidence levels, self esteem and self-image remain in a difficult place, especially those that are going through the tough stage of primary to secondary transition.

The project will also focus on early intervention and prevention work relating to drugs, alcohol, smoking, bullying, stress and depression.

Level 2 – Intermediate (Aimed at school year 8 – 11)

This level has a heavy psychological influence preparing young people for the life ahead. The whole syllabus is based around getting young people in to the right mindset, thinking about the future and planning ahead. Young people will develop a strong character and solid foundation to build upon as well as getting equipped with the right tools and resources to move forward, as well as an entrepreneurial twist to add a touch of excitement.

The programme will also focus on further prevention work relating to drugs, alcohol, smoking, bullying, stress, peer pressure and depression.

Level 3 – Advanced (Aimed at those in the NEET category)

Entrepreneurship is the foundation of the British economy, with tens of thousands of start ups every year, the opportunities have never been better. Often young people have fresh ideas, but the problem they will find is they don’t know where to start, they see limited help and support available and go back to the classic style of uploading CV’s on job websites and agencies with little or no success. With the ever-straining job market, Be Inspiring is one of few organisations which has stepped up to the challenge to help young people set up their own business and move forward in life.

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