Youth Revolution

This project has been developed to encourage young people to get more involved in community work as well as take pride in their local streets. Getting young people involved in community based initiatives also nurtures them in to creating a positive society for all and in turn reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.

Government statistics show that at least 40% young people between the ages of 12 – 16 are at risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour. Anti-social behaviour is a problem in every area, some more than others, however, giving young people a chance to understand and appreciate the society around them can have a significant effect on the way they behave and how the contribute towards society. Furthermore, this project also actively challenges the negative stereotypes of young people through recognising and rewarding the work young people do in the local area.

This project was developed from ideas bought forward in the youth forum meetings.

Project Vision

  • Provide a unique platform for young people to contribute and make a positive change in their local area and raise awareness of community related issues.
  • Reduce anti-social behaviour by changing the mentality of the youth using the Back2Basics concept & Reducing Gang Culture (outlined in foundational documentation of Be Inspiring) implemented within the Youth Revolution
  • Equip young people with skills such as confidence, high levels of self-esteem, creativity, teamwork, leadership as well as others.
  • Create a trend of active community workers to contribute to a better and fairer society in the future, allowing young people to make better use of their time and become more proactive.
  • Actively promote a multi-cultural, tolerant and understanding society as well as build bridges with hard-to-reach communities providing them with a step up to integrate with mainstream society at grass-roots level.

Format of Delivery

The project consists of structured monthly meetings with young people who want to make a difference to their area. An agenda is to be produced and sent to all participants prior to the meetings as well as minutes after the meetings with all the actions points.

Each month when an action plan is created the young people will go out to contribute their efforts to creating a better society for all.

The project will be led by a youth project coordinator and a senior project coordinator.

Total time contribution from volunteers will be around 4 hours per month.

Skills Focused

The following skills are taught through this project:

Verbal Communication

Team Work

Analysis & Investigation

Commercial Awareness

Drive & Consistency


Time Management


Negotiating & Persuading


Public Speaking

Self Awareness

Personal Impact

Action Planning

Stress Tolerance





Diary Management

IT Skills

Further Information 

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